Privacy Policy

West Penn Appraisers, Inc. recognizes our responsibility in protecting the privacy of our clients. Federal laws and regulations require that we maintain the confidentiality and security of customer information. As appraisers, we are bound by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and it’s Ethics Rule, which contains conduct, management, confidentiality and record keeping provisions. The following is an explanation of information that is collected by our firm, and how it is managed.

Information Collected:

Information obtained for appraisal purposes can be public, as through public records, or private, through the customer or the client. Information of a non-public nature, while necessary to complete the assignment, will not be used for any other purpose, other than that which could be sanctioned by law.

Information Communicated:

The only parties privy to our data are the client and any intended users of our report. We are bound by a fiduciary responsibility to these parties per USPAP’s Ethics Rule and Standard 5 of the USPAP. Through the course of the business of appraising, it is possible that information about a clients’ property may be used for comparison purposes as comparable data, however the information is typically that of a public nature, and not considered confidential. Other information obtained through the appraisal process that is non-public will be kept strictly confidential.

Record Keeping:

Appraisers are required by USPAP to keep work files for a specified period of time. The files, whether physical or electronic, are safeguarded to ensure your privacy, in accordance with our professional standards.

Our Mission:
West Penn Appraisers is dedicated to providing all facets of Real Estate Appraising in an efficient, professional and timely manner, at the same time remaining focused on customer satisfaction through outstanding customer service.